Jesus Is God

People often misunderstand the Bible when it says Jesus is the Son of God. Not only is Jesus God, He clearly claimed to be God, and was called God (Theos) throughout the New Testament, even using the sacred Jewish/Hebrew divine title for God ("I AM"). There is so mauch material to this article that I decided to make expanding sections for organization. Simply click on the arrow or the heading to expand it and click it again to retract.

  • Jesus Is Called "God" In The Old And New Testament

    • Jesus Being God Is Central To Christianity

      • Jesus Created Everything

        • Jesus Used The Sacred Jewish/Hebrew Title Of God, "I AM"

          • Jesus Himself Claimed To Be God

            • Jesus Told The Jewish Leaders He Was God (Mark 14:53-65; John 10:22-39; John 18:1-14)

              • Jesus Told Philip He Was God

                • Other Titles Jesus Used (“Son of Man” and “Son of God”)

                  • Jesus Forgives Sin

                    • Jesus Has God's Attributes

                      • Jesus Receives Worship

                        • Jesus Claimed To Have All Authority/God's Authority

                          • Jesus Is The Alpha And Omega

                            • Jesus Claimed to Be David's Lord

                              • Only God Could Have Done It

                                • Lunatic, Liar, Legend or Lord

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