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This is where you can find things I'm writing. Here are some examples:

Teaching/Sermon Topics

This is a sampling of teaching and sermon topics, and I am available to speak on a number or topics, but the focus is always Christ (1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16). I plan to also post the outlines, including audio and video if available, when time permits. For more information on topics, doctrine or reserving a date, please contact me. Some topics include:


This page currently contains information on books I highly recommend. It is my hope that this page will eventually contain books I have written, many of which will come from my writings. Some examples of books I'm recommending are:


This is where I post teachings/sermons, as well as music!

  • Who We are in Christ
  • God Wants to Heal
  • Seek His Face
  • To Know God
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This is where I post video of teachings/sermons, videos I produced, as well as other videos with permission. Here are a few highlights:


There are hundreds of devotionals but these have been some of my favorites:

The Way of the Master Minute

Written by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Harvest Christian Fellowship - Harvest Online (Greg Laurie)


James MacDonald's

James currently only has a weekly devotional online.

The Upper Room - Daily Devotional

Selected from thousands sent in from around the world.

Our Daily Bread (RBC Ministries)

A small printed devotional I've enjoyed for years!

My Utmost For His Highest (Oswald Chambers)


Quiet Time Bible Study

Instead of telling you what the Bible says, the quiet time Bible studies help you discover its meaning for yourself.

Hard Saying of the Day

Excellent unique devotional posing and answering difficulties in scripture.

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  • Other Writings

    I have always been interested in Judeo-Christian extra-Biblical writings such as the apocrypha/pseudepigrapha, the books mentioned but not included in the Bible, the writings of the "early church fathers," etc. Here I have, to my knowledge, the most complete compialation of these writings. Here are some links to some sections:

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