The Bible

The Bible is the most amazing book in history. The word "Bible" is a French word, taken from the Greek word "biblios" and the Latin word "biblia," which all mean "book." So when we say, "the Bible," we are saying "the Book." The Bible contains two main sections, the first being the Old Tastament (written before Christ), and the second being the New Testament (written at the time and after Christ).

The Scriptures were written by men, but they were "inspired by God" (see 2 Timothy 3:16). Do you write a letter or does your pen? You do the writing, and the pen is the instrument you use. In the Bible, God used man to pen His letter to humanity.

There are no contradictions in the Bible as it was originally written. I add "as it was originally written" because there are some minor "typos" which are understandable. We are human. The problem is that the Bible is not "rightly divided" by many of its readers. We need to let "Scripture interpret Scripture."

Some people are surprised and even shocked about some of the things found in the Bible. It has a whole lot more then just some lust, greed, lies, blasphemy, and theft in its many pages. It also has adultery, murder, rape, jealousy, pride, incest, hatred, homosexuality, fornication, and torture, just to name a few.

Perhaps you are not aware that the Scriptures mainly relate the history of the Hebrew nation. It begins with the creation of the universe, including the first male and female and their tragic fall from fellowship with their Creator. This didn't come because of the eating of an apple (as many believe). It came through the sin of disobedience (see Romans 5:19). Then Scripture traces the same rebellion as it manifested itself in the whole human race. The Bible doesn’t hide the sinful heart of man. It exposes each man’s wickedness and warns that God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness and according to His justice. So whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of writing off the Bible as being evil, when it simply exposes evil. Has it exposed the evil in your heart or are you not you aware of it yet?

The amazing thing about this collection of 66 books is that their common thread (through the Old Testament) is God’s promise to release mankind from his greatest enemy - death itself. The New Testament tells us how He did it. See John 3:17-18 for details.

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